Welcome Charcuterie Board!

Pick your size by # of people! If you purchase 1 (2-3 people)

2 (3-5)
3 (6-8)
4 (8-12)
We will have yours waiting in the refrigerator upon your arrival.

Fresh Seasonal Flower Bouquet

We will have fresh flowers ready upon arrival for that birthday girl, bachelorette, or anniversary surprise! The flowers are locally grown and change with the season ( March- Oct) and from other sources based on seasonal availability at the farm (Nov-Feb.)

Choose quantity to determine the SIZE of the bouquet (you will only receive 1 flower arrangement but the price is determined by the size you choose.) If you want multiple arrangements please contact Jill

1- Bedside $35
2- Medium $70
3- Large $105
4. Extra Large $140